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Phone:  1- 413- 566-0037
The 4x4 Series Combination Spraywasher/Hot Tanks from AXE are outfitted with powerful 15 HP motors.  A perfect fit for production cleaning, batch cleaning, or for cleaning complete assemblies all at the same time.  The 4x4 series offers a 32” vertical cleaning capacity with two separate styles of cleaning arrangements to choose from. All 4 x 4 models are completely insulated for great heat retention and includes a 225 gallon solution capacity and a built in hot tank for additional cleaning. 
The Model SW-4032 uses one 40” diameter rollout turntable for tackling those wide cleaning applications.  It has a spacious 40” x 32” inside working capacity and a 24” x 47” x 11” built in hot tank.  This machine makes an ideal system for salvage yards, electrical rebuilders, and for those cleaning up to 40” wide components.  When turning heavy loads on this 2000 lb capacity 40" turntable you can be confident that turntable rotation is completed easily by using outer cam follower supports on each corner.  This exceptional feature keeps that table rotating evenly when heavy loads are positioned outside of center.
The Model SW4-2032 is like 4 spray washers and a built in hot tank in one unit.  Four 20” diameter rollout turntables rotate independently giving you 360 degree coverage to each turntable.  Twelve cylinder heads, or 4) V-8, or 4) inline blocks can be cleaned per cycle.  The large 24” x 47”x 11” hot tank included for pre-soaking.  This machine clearly sets the pace for efficient high volume cleaning.