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AXE SW 2044 ELIMINATOR PARTS WASHER designed for Diesel Cylinder heads like the Caterpillar 3406 and NTX Cummins cylinder heads.The AXE 20 Slim SW-2044 Combination Spraywasher/Hot Tank Parts Washer is packed with plenty of cleaning power for removing all the grease and grime. The tall 44" vertical capacity and 20” diameter roll out turntable will accommodate most passenger and light truck applications, including straight six and big blocks, and with its 44" vertical height many industrial and agricultural heads will also fit. The Sw-2044 has two built in hot tank sizes available. The SW-2044-OS Model has a 12” x 24” x 11” hot tank size and the SW-20-HT Model has a 21” x 30” x 11” hot tank size. This unique Parts Washer design offers additional cleaning features and it makes cleanout easy with its wide open reservoirs. Both Parts Washer Models are available in gas or electric heat.  
Heavy duty lay down door and roll out turntable allows easy access for loading and unloading. Plus excess chemicals and rinse water will return to the reservoir, keeping your work area clean, dry, and safe.
Spraychamber designed with full 360 degree 1.50" diameter water manifold system. Manifold includes radius style elbows and 23 staggered spray nozzles for smooth, high flowing, pressurized water volume. Couple this feature with a direct drive gear driven turntable, a 5 hp pump, and high efficiency heating system.
Either model  Parts Washer has a built in hot tank for soaking prior to washing if needed, These built in hot tanks also act as a high efficiency filter screen for keeping debris and other foreign objects out of the pump and reservoir. These filter baskets greatly extend the life of the pumps and reduces Parts Washer clean out time.