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Phone:  1- 413- 566-0037
The Ultimate SW-50
The Ultimate SW-50 is an ideal machine for rebuilders that offer both heavy duty and light duty services. The SW-50 spraychamber measures a full 50" vertically with a 28" diameter turntable and a beefy 1500 pound weight capacity. The Sw-50 is powered by a large 10 HP Motor pushing 140 gallons per minute of hot cleaning solutions making for fast and efficient cleaning. This versatile machine will accommodate a large 50" diesel block or with our exclusive fixture can be used to clean two automotive blocks per wash cycle, and it features a built in hot tank for added cleaning performance. Standard equipment includes Double deck rack with basket for cleaning sheet metal in upper section taking full advantage of 50" vertical capacity
50" vertical capacity allows for use with heavy duty applications such as the Cummins series.Standard Equipment includes an adjustable Crankshaft fixture that will accommodate up to a 54" long Crankshaft.