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Phone:  1- 413- 566-0037
The Intimidator Model is truly intimidating in size and power.Its large 36”x 60” working capacity and 2000 lb weight capacity will accommodate a host of large truck and industrial applications.  Standard equipment on the Intimidator features pneumatic door clamps, built in hot tank, manual rollout wheel, and a   powerful 15 hp pump motor flowing 225 gallons per minute of hot cleaning solutions for fast and efficient cleaning.
When cleaning in the spray chamber, the powerful 15 HP Pump agitates hot cleaning solutions through the 24” x 44” x 11” built in hot tank.  This feature permits blocks, heads, or small parts to be hot tanked prior to spray washing at no extra cost.
The Intimidators’ 36” diameter turntable can handle a 2000 lb load capacity.  A sturdy center thrust support arrangement works in unison with four outer cam bearings for supporting and equalizing the load.
A sturdy footstep and a step assist handle are provided for operator convenience, when loading or unloading, or manual rinsing.No need to reach into the spray chamber to pull out the work piece. Our handy rollout wheel feature allows you to simply turn the wheel, driving the work piece out of the spray chamber. It is safe, convenient, and fast.