Bedell Racing Engines located in Nassau NY is burning up the dirt track circuit with X-treme skill in preparing motors that provide the power and torque required to win races. With numerous first place prizes and track wins to his credit Dan is still a humble guy prepared to work for his customers with personalized service second to none. Dan recently installed state of the art Rottler Boring, Computer Honing and Surfacing Equipment along with the Super Flow 902 Engine Dyno System . State of the art data acquisition system and a premier test cell are critical in engine break in and high quality performance engine building. Dan also prepares muscle car engines and horse power for the enthusiast that demands the same exacting tolerances required in race engines. If you want to go fast "Dan is the man".

4119 Route 20 Nassau, NY 12133   1-518-477-4244
Variable Spindle & work
head feed and speeds.
Super fine or any finish
MLS gasket Finish
Squaring to the main and cam
Dan is splitting .0001
Extremely ridged Fixture
Dots read out in .0001
Brush after plateau honing
Race proven power
Rottler Boring Machine
Rottler Computer controlled
Honing and surfacing machines
Every Bore exact same size
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Phone: 1- 413- 566-0037
Phone: 1- 413- 566-0037