Manifold Surfacing
Block Decking & Squaring
Boring to Blue Print Specs
Aluminum Head Milling
Crankshaft Balancing
Drilling Counter Weight
Marine Boring
Milling a Piston
Stroker Clearance
8 sleeves on a 427
2 pass sleeving cuts.
Fixture References Camshaft
   and Crankshaft Centerline
Sleeved Bored and Decked
   "same set up" ( 1 )
Rottler F65M Series, Boring, Milling, Balancing, Line Boring.
It has Unmatched Accuracy for 'TRUE' Cylinder Block and Head Blueprinting 
All dimensions held to +- .0001 
Boring and Sleeving of Blocks 
M.I.D. Sleeve Kits Installed w/ Unmatched Accuracy,
'Flanged" Sleeves Installed w/ Precision 
True 'Square" Decking in Relation to the Main and Cam Bearing Saddles. 
Precision Block & Head O-Ringing 
Precision Main Bore Align Boring 
4-Bolt Main Conversion Caps Installed 
Stroker Crank and Rod Block Clearancing 

Precision Block Blue Printing
Our thanks to Ken at Custom Design Performance this is an awesome section. Check out the links by navigating the info buttons follow each link and return to
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ABES Sleeve Installation
Import Block Sleeving
Main Cap Dowel Tapping

Converting Ford FE Blocks 
     to Cross Bolted Mains 
Oil Pan Rail Surfacing
Lifter Bore Angle and Position                                   Correction
Lifter Bore Enlarging
Cross Drilling Crankshaft
Block End Truing
Ken Carlson wrote the book on how to utilize the F65M for many high end engine rebuilding projects in both foreign and domestic applications. Please view all the information by navigating the information buttons and get a real sence of the work that can be performed on the Rottler F65M machining center.
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