Automotive Parts Washer Affordable Price:PMW 110
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Phone: 1- 413- 566-0037
Phone: 1- 413- 566-0037
Model 110 Parts Washer
Extended Height Handles V-6,V-8 and Inline 6 cylinder Engine Blocks up to 28 inches tall.
PMW Model 110-T
1.Shown with V-8 block
2.Small foot print.
3.1 Phase  Power
4.Fast Heat Up time
5. Low cost
6.Upper Spray bar
7. Lower Spray Bar
8. Oil Skimmer
9. Pre Cleaning
10. Post Cleaning
11.On casters portable
12.Use for aluminum
    and cast iron.
13. Race shops use as
    secondary rinse after
Working Demensions  28 H x 24 dia.
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Lower Spray Bar Option
Upper Sray Bar & Lower Spray Bar
Working Demensions  28 H x 24 dia.

This rugged machine is designed for cleaning small parts and will clean even a  V-8 Engine block, Cylinder Heads, Valve covers and a vast variety of small parts. The 110 is constructed with a 12 gage. steel cabinet, a 2 hp,36 GPM 40 PSI main pump,  lift out turntable, low water shut off and it's portable.The model 110 is the perfect Power Spray Washer for the service shop that is tired of standing at a manual parts washer working in solvents. The model 110 will eliminate the use of a Solvent Tank.It uses bio degradable heated solution that is reticulated in the built in reservoir. Simply load the parts like your loading a dish washer turn on the cycle timer and come back to clean parts. The 110 rugged, heavy duty welded construction assures years of trouble free service and includes key features resulting in performance benefits. The model 110 provides a safe and efficient method to wash parts in both commercial and industrial applications.

Model 110 features: Engine Block , Engine Parts , Cylinder Heads Parts Washer, Small Parts

Safety - Hot water and biodegradable detergents are far safer to work with and environmentally safer to dispose of.

Compact - Portable Design - Approximately the size of a solvent tank and rolls on casters. Fully self contained.

Full Automatic - Timed cycle allows user to perform other tasks while parts are washed.

Cleaner Parts - Dirt, oil and grease, naturally separate from water and the wash solution remains cleaner and does not redeposit on the parts. 

Turntable Rotation - The turntable turns the parts to ensure a complete exposure to wash solution therefore a cleaner part.

Working Height - 110 18 ", 110-T 28" with a second spray bar.

Capacity -300 lbs

Model 110-T
Stop wasting time hand cleaning parts. The Model 110 Parts Washer & Small Parts Washer will clean parts for you while working on billable labor. Automatic Parts Washers work like a dish washer simply load and walk away. Come back to clean parts. Water based heated detergent cleaning agents are safe and efficient.
Parts Washers for as little as $5.00 per day. Call for details.
Shown with options.
Engine Block Parts Washer