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Phone: 1- 413- 566-0037
Phone: 1- 413- 566-0037
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Parts Washers are Made for automotive and industrial applications this is a real work horse. The 112 Parts Washer comes with the 26" diameter turntable and 32" of working height. The high output 3 hp. pump gives you the power to do the job quick. Higher Horse power options are available for all Parts Washers and Models.The Model 112 Parts Washer is the perfect Power Jet Spray Parts Washer for the busy shop as well as additional Parts Washer for the large shop's overflow work or to isolate aluminum cleaning. The 112 Parts Washers are rugged, heavy duty welded construction assuring years of trouble free service and includes key features resulting in performance benefits. The Model 112 Parts Washers utilizes a hot water soluble cleaning agent.

Model 112 features:

>Labyrinth Door Design - eliminates the need for troublesome replacement seals.
>32" Work Height - will accept any automotive block, cylinder head or transmission  body in today's market  The 26 inch turntable diameter will handle studded race blocks.
>Door Mounted Turntable - swings out to provide easy access for loading and unloading.
>Large steel jets to assure quick, thorough cleaning.
> Cabinet Bottom Sloped Forward for easy cleanouts
> Large Filter Screen Prevents Nozzle Clogging
>500 lb. Capacity - withstands multi-loading heads, blocks, transmissions or parts.
>Spring loaded -drive motor for constant tension.
> Built Tough 12 Gauge and 1/4 plate steel weighs 1,100 pounds
>Size - 65"H x 52"W x 40"D
>Weight-1100 lbs.
Model 112  Parts Washer
Parts Washers designed to clean even heavy grime like what is encountered in the Engine Rebuilding Industry. Parts Washers shear grease and oil off utilizing high output pumps and precision fan nozzles. Parts Washers that are built tough to stand up to continuous use. AMS Parts Washer Machines have been in high volume production use in our customer shops for over 20 years. High Quality Parts Washers that continually Clean with High efficiency in a low maintenance design.
Quality components and materials. For years of dependable Parts Washers operation.
Working Height 32 H x 26 Dia. Parts Washer Capacity
More Parts Washers Models are available with standard and custom features. Our cleaning specialists can work with you to customize our standard units or we can offer you popular option packages.
Parts Washers are available in many Standard Popular Size configurations.
Model 113 Parts Washers
  32x26 Load Capacity
Model 113-T Parts Washers
      Load Capacity 40X26
Model 612  Parts Washers
    Load Capacity  42X36
Note: all of the above models can be extended in height in order to meet taller work requirements. this option is extremely useful in applications that don't require more working diameter. This keeps the Nozzles closer to the work for faster more efficient cleaning power while reducing the over all cost of the cabinet.
Note: The 812 is supplied with 36 inch to 60 inch diameter turntables and can be manufactured to 102 inches in height enabling a vast variety  of working capacity for larger component cleaning. Larger Sizes can be Custom Built.

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                                                  Large Parts Washers           
                36 Inch Dia. X 60 Inch Height Capacity to 60 Inch Dia X 102 Inch Height Capacity
  Featured Machines click on pictures for more details.
  Featured Machines click on pictures for more details.