Heavy Duty Industrial and Automotive Parts Washers:PMW 113
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Phone: 1- 413- 566-0037
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Model 113-T Spray Washer
With a standard 5 hp. Pump, 26" diameter. turntable, and a 40" working height this Parts Washer has many more standard and optional features available. Turntable easily handles loads up to 500 lbs. The model 113-T is ideal for commercial rebuilder and larger shops.  5 H.P. pump, 1/15 H.P. turntable gear motor, 12 Kw. electric heat, Insulated cabinet, Electric lockout, 70 gal. reservoir and 5 cu. ft. parts basket standard. The many options available allow the user to custom design the 113-T Parts Washer to meet all applications. Contact A.M.S. for information on other available models.

Model 113-T  Parts Washer features
> Labyrinth door design - eliminates the need for troublesome replacement seals.
> Large steel jets sheer grease and oil away
> 40" work height - will accept any automotive block,         cylinder head or transmission body in today’market.
> Door mounted turntable - Swings out to provide easy        access for loading and unloading.
> Steel mesh filter prevents nozzle clogging     
> 500 lb.capacity turntable
>Size - 78"H x 60"W x 61"D
> Weight -1,400lbs.

The model 113 - T with all the same features and options as the 113 but with the extended height capacity @ 40 inches. A menu of options enables the user to custom build the machine to specific requirements.
Working dimensions 40 H x 26 Dia.
7 & Day Program Timer Heat
Evaporation Cycle Reduce
  Waste Up To 95 %
High Output Pump
Oil Skimmer
Cycle Timer
Paragon Digital Timers
Heavy Duty Indudtrial and Automotive Parts Washers:PMW 113