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Cylinder Head and Block Pressure Tester
Award winning design. The most reliable and complete crack testing method includes heated and curculated in line system with air pressure. This method will find cracks that Air testing will not find. The system is very fast and can pressure test Automotive & Diesel Heads and Blocks.
The Newclear Pressure Tester is a revolutionary new machine that has been specifically designed for the automotive engineering industry. It has the capability to effectively test various cylinder heads and blocks e.g. a single Honda cylinder head, a Cummins 350 big cam block or a cummins NH block.

The main features of the Newclear Pressure Tester are one of total visibility through a transparent pressure plate with a 360° rotation capacity as well as an adjustable center of gravity to allow rotation of either a cylinder head or block to take place with ease. It is a complete unit with the added advantages of an in-line heater system which can provide hot and cold hydraulic testing capabilities and a quick set-up time. 
Pressure testing is very profitable. 1 Job per week pays for the equipment.

Clear visibility.

Simple and quick set up time.

In-line heater system for hot / cold water testing.

Universal side clamping system.

Complete rubber blanking-off element kit to suit most cylinder heads / blocks.

Adjustable center of gravity for ease of rotating cylinder heads / blocks 360°.

All Cylinder Heads and Blocks should be pressure tested especially the "Cooked" ones.

With today's modern Multi-Valve Light weight, high output Aluminium Cylinder Heads with 
Cast Iron Blocks, it has become essential to have a good quality hot and cold 
Hydraulic Pressure Tester.


Eliminating Comebacks 
The customer must be confident that the "Problem" has been positively identified. 
Major Piston manufacturers and Cylinder Head Gasket manufacturers that have been consulted have confirmed the need for High Quality Pressure Testing to take place when an engine is reconditioned or remanufactured. 
With the great difference in Expansion Rates between aluminium, cast iron and modern light weight design, it has become essential to have a High Quality Pressure Test done in order to detect Fractures and Porosity in cores. 
Tests have proven :

that some cores only fracture on disassembly and not when the engine overheats,
that some fractures are only evident after a Cold Hydraulic Test, then a Hot Hydraulic Test followed by another Cold Hydraulic Test. It is important to note that these three tests have to be carried out in rapid succession - 10 minutes maximu 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you pressure test blocks?
Yes - System has an adjustable centre of gravity and special safety clamps to make
rotating of blocks while pressure testing, safe and simple.

Q: Can you pressure test V Heads?
Yes - All angles.

Q: Can you pressure test Cat Heads?
Yes - Maximum length is 1200mm

Q:Do you have to pressure test all heads in a hot condition?
No - Most cracks are easily indentified using cold water and air pressure 
but the hot water facility is always available.

Q: Are you able to get spares?
Yes - Loose spares are always available.

Q: Should you have an unusual head (very uncommon) how do you pressure test?
We can custom make rubber blanking elements - but over the years we have added most
blanking elements that should be required.

Q: Does a qualified man need to operate the machine?
No - the system is very simple and one can be guided, with the supplied workshop manual
and the training video.

Q: Who uses this machine? 
All big and small automotive rebuilders who need to identify problem heads and eliminate comebacks.

Q: Why do we need to pressure test?
To give a professional service and eliminate comebacks which means a loss of profit.

Q: What if there is a leak in the oil gallery?
Some heads can be repaired - most are then scrapped.

Q: Can the machine be used in a production line environment?
The machine can be modified to suite some production lines. 

Valued Customer,

Re: Pressure tester for the automotive engine rebuilders.

Newclear Pressure Testers was established in 1994, specifically to manufacture a universal pressure tester for the automotive industry.

The standard unit Newclear 150 big block kit is crated as a complete machine. We supply a workshop manual plus an installation and training video.

After assembling the machine you would need to connect an airline, water line and 380 V electricity supply, you would then have a fully operational inline hot / cold water, air pressure tester. This machine has a complete set of rubber blanking elements ( no plates required ) for most cylinder heads / blocks e.g. V12 Mercedes Benz, Cummins, Caterpillar, that comes into the workshop. With the Newclear 150 no further equipment is needed.

Should you only be involved with machining smaller blocks and small diesel / petrol heads and would prefer to take only the Newclear 100, which is the same basic machine excluding the full block kit. You would then be able to pressure test small blocks, petrol and diesel heads with a maximum length of 850mm x 250mm wide x 300 high. The full big block kit can always be added later, if required.

There is no other machine on the market that comes as a complete unit and is able to pressure test any block or head that comes into a workshop.

This machine has been sold in South Africa (over 400 Machines), Africa, Europe and the USA and is able accommodate any type of head / block in any of these countries.

The agents that we would require would be Automotive Engine Rebuilder Machine Distributors.

Should you require any further information please do not hestitate to contact us.

Best  Regards

Contact John Zanetti

Hot Water, Cold Water and Air Test.

Separate ball valves which feed hot or 
cold water immediately. Water flows 
through an in-line heater element.The advantage is that you have almost immediate hot water flow ONLY when 
necessary to heat up a cylinder head. Minimum water and electricity is used. Cold water cools head.

Large container of water which needs to 
be constantly heated up to maintain 
Head cannot be cooled down upon com- 
pletion of test, danger to operater.

Transparent Plate in Frame gives clear 
visibility to pinpoint exactly where head 
may be leaking e.g. crack down a belt 
hole, cracked in the oil gallery, cracked 
underneath a seat, porosity leaking or 
cracked from a jacket to a seat.

Water gets dirty fairly quickly. Bubbles 
appear and one is not sure if a rubber 
stopper is leaking or a crack - you cannot 
pinpoint the exact location of the leak.The 
rubber gasket / steel plate tends to cover 
areas which may be cracked e.g. jacket to 
valve seat.

Rubber blanking off elements - full set 
provided which will suit most heads 
used internationally.

Rubber gasket steel plate - each head 
needs it's own plate - expensive and time 
consuming locating the correct plate to 
suit each head.

Rubber blanking element kit provides 
manifold blanking rubber to allow inlet 
and outlet flow of water / air through 
water ports on top of cylinder head.

Special inlet ports on the side of the heads 
need to be made to suite different heads. 

Heads and blocks can be rotated 360 

Submergible - cannot handle large blocks.  
V10 Mercedes Benz blocks can be 
pressure tested and rotated.

Cannot accommodate.              

Cat 3406 heads can be pressure tested
Cannot accommodate.       
Simple system to accommodate any type 
of head e.g. V8, Citroen, Peugeot diesel 
etc. Quick and easy to setup. Position 
of setup is easily accessible by hand or 
overhead, block & tackle in the case of 
large blocks or Cat heads.

Heads can be dirty - grind welded section 
slightly - and can still be pressure tested 
without affecting the efficiency of the 
machine.Only hot water test.

Submergible type - heads all need to be 
totally cleaned before submerging.

Cylinder Head and Block Pressure Tester
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