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The SGF80 Seat and Guide Machine is designed for Heavy Duty Diesel , Propane , and Locomotive Cylinder Heads.The SG80 also has extended capacity height for large work pieces. The Windows XP operating system stores data such as  pilot size, cutter part numbers, job tittles and all of the cutting parameters.Feed rates  for both the rough and finish cycles, RPM's and vertical Zero locations are all controlled by the PC.

The cutting cycle includes a dwell cycle that executes 2 revolutions to clean the seat for perfect concentricity and surface finishes.. The spindle feed is computer controlled with a ball screw feed. This achieves feed control unattainable by manual feeding.Concentricity is unequaled by any other machine. Rockwell 62 seats are easily processed as are soft materials.
Rottler SG80 Windows XP CNC
Rottler SG80 Windows XP CNC
1.The combination of the "Direct Motion' control system, ball screw spindle drive and the windows XP based computer    allow for ideal speed and torque levels for machining all types of material.

2. The automatic functioning of the spindle feeds are joined with the simple windows XP programming for all the cutting parameters enabling perfect valve seat geometry.

3. All of the cutting parameters are committed to memory  and stored up for easy recall in the Windows XP computer system

4.Valve seats can be machined with the exact same precision without having to adjust settings. The "Direct Motion" controls and XP based computer constantly monitor all of the cutting parameters.

5. Perfect machining of the valve seat is guaranteed  irrespective of the skills of the operator.

6. Once the spindle feeds to the Zero feed setting the spindle rotates 2 revolutions without feeding (Dwell Cycle)
to achieve a perfectly round and flat machine surface.