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                      Rottler F10A
Automatic Boring and Sleeving Machine
The F10A Boring Bar has been designed for standard and large capacity machine work. The spindle diameter is larger than that of the F9A. It has been increased to 3.25" (8.2mm) for extra heavy duty machining up to a 9" (230mm) bore size. Large sleeve cuts can be taken at high spindle rpm's, and in many blocks, one pass sleeve cuts are possible, which increases productivity. The massive one piece meehanite, stress relieved, precision machined base of the F10A model allows the fixturing of large diesel blocks such as Cummins 855, Detroit 12V71, Mercedes 44V12 and odd jobs such as gear cases and connecting rods. The F10A machine can also handle small jobs down to 1.5" (38mm) bore diameter with optional cutterheads. Floor-to-floor bore a V8 block in 15 minutes. Bore through a 6" (152.4mm) bore 4" (101.6mm) in diameter in 35 seconds, .250 sleeve cuts are not a problem. Tooling is available from 1.500 to 9 inches in diameter. Straight through and blind hole boring tools are available. Precision ball screws on the feed give the ultimate feed control.
The FA Series Boring Machines are unlike anything else available to automotive and diesel engine builders. These machines represent the next generation of boring equipment, evolving from the Rottler boring bar which has been the industry standard since 1923. With improvements in electronic motors and cutting tool technology, Rottler Boring Machines are two to three times more productive than anything else available on the market.
Rottler has increased the size of the F10A spindle to
ensure the best possible bore geometry at high spindle
speeds. The Rottler proven spindle and bearing design gives you a rigid machine capable of making heavy sleeve cuts for a lifetime. The F9A spindle has been reduced to allow the machining of compact engines, motorcycles, marine blocks, etc.