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Rottler F60 Series CNC Block Blueprinting Machines
      CNC Engine Block Blueprinting & Machining

First up is the F69A CNC.This model can be outfitted with the competitively priced Performance block blueprinting fixture 
or the 4th axis auto rotate fixture.Functions include: align boring, splayed cap conversion,block lightening,bore blueprinting and sleeving, block squaring,head surfacing, cam tunnel boring, block end truing,lifter bore correction. drilling,tapping , milling.

Next up the line is the F69ATC. This model is a fully enclosed block blueprinting  machine with a 22 piece tool changer 
and the 4th axis. Rottler offers  Multi purpose block blueprinting machining center that will meet the budget and production requirements of  small to large volume Performance Engine Shops.Versatile multi purpose CNC block blueprinting machines utilizing automated CNC cycles capable of holding block blueprinting tolerances.  Rottler designed Rock & Roll head porting fixture and Intuitive  manufacturing software alone with the award winning Direct Motion Intuitive manufacturing Software
 F69A CNC Block Blueprinting 4th Axis Manual Rotate
 F69A CNC Block Blueprinting 4th Axis CNC Rotate
CNC Block Blueprinting
 F69ATC CNC Block Blueprinting 4th Axis enclosed with coolant system
CNC Block Blueprinting

3 Machines in 1. Engine Block Blue Printing  2. Cylinder Head Porting 3. Parts MFG
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Porsche 911 CNC Cylinder Head Counter Bore Routine
 F69A CNC Block Blueprinting 4th Axis Auto Rotate