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Phone:  1- 413- 566-0037
Rottler H85AXY
CNC Automatic Vertical Honing Machine with Hole-to-Hole Automation and Optional Block Roll Over
Special Version High Production Machine that can move
automatically in both X and Y axis for automatic honing
offset cylinder blocks and parts. This feature allows use of
optional programmable roll over fixture to be able to hone
a complete V block automatically – unattended! Includes
feature to drain coolant out of block at end of cycle.

Automatic Lower Crash Protection System
Many Engine Blocks have interference in the lower area of the bores and can damage honing stones and holders. Every
time the H85X starts honing a cylinder, the machine will check bores for interference avoiding potential damage to honing
stones and holders. Variances in lower bores are common. Rottler H85X Control senses lower bore interference prior to
rotation and stroking stroking motion starting at full power, eliminating any stone or holder damage.