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Rottler SG7MTS 
Fast & Accurate Heavy duty SGMTS Workheads are robust with the capability to machine large diameter valve seats.The lightweight design is engineered for speed and accurate centering creating the ultimate concentricity. Concentricity Rottler's Rigid Precision carbide centering pilots are manufactured to a fine tolerance. Combined with the manoeuvrability of the light weight air float Workhead, the SG7MTS gives perfect centering in the valve guide providing the best concentricity of any machine on the market.
High Torque Spindle Motor
The SG7MTS has a 1HP (.75kW) High Torque
Spindle Motor with a Yaskawa Frequency Invertor with Vector Control to control spindle torque resulting in fine surface finish even with the hardest valve seats found in today’s engines.
Precision Seat Cutting Inserts
Rottler's Precision CNC Ground Fine Grain Carbide Seat Cutting Inserts are substantially faster and less expensive than grinding. Inserts eliminate the need to purchase a different grinding stone for every angle. Rottler manufactures inserts in single and multi-angle. Curved and radius shapes are available.