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Rottler SG9A Seat and Guide Machine
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Multi Angle Seat Cutting - Rottler's Precision CNC Ground Fine Grain Carbide Seat Cutting Inserts are available in many different designs to suit customer requirements. Single angle, multi angle or curves and radius shapes are available. Cutting tools are substantially faster and less expensive than grinding, where a different grinding stone is required for each angle.

Storage Cabinet - Three Drawers and Top Tray allows convenient storage of wide selection of tooling available from Rottler.

Built in Vacuum Tester - For quick checking of valve seats before removing the cylinder head.

360 Degree Rollover Fixture - Provides quick loading and easy access to all sides of the head. Quickly levels head using the micro adjust feature. Clamps onto table firmly for chatter free cutting with extremely accurate concentricity centered by a pedal. Fixture floats on an air cushion for quick, easy setup with both hands.

Rigid Machine Construction - Heavy thick wall cast iron machine castings and precision machining during the manufacturing process give excellent chatter free valve seat cutting. Heavy duty cabinet/base extended to the rear for safe handling when machine has to be moved. Recessed toe kick allows more comfortable machine operation.

Light Weight Workhead - The SG9 has a light weight workhead for fast and accurate centering for the minimum concentricity. At the same time, the workhead is heavy duty capable of machining large diameter valve seats.

Spindle Alignment - Pneumatic system controlled by switch aligns spindle vertically to allow UNIPILOT to easily enter valve guide.

Variable Speed Spindle - from 40 to 400 rpm Accurately select specific spindle speeds required for different machining operations. Soft touch buttons and bright digital display allow ease of operation.

Electronic Level - Digital readout for quick, accurate adjustment.
Adjustable Depth Stop

15 Degree Tilt - Spindle tilts up to 15 degrees from vertical in both directions, providing quick alignment on all canted valve cylinder heads. Cuts each seat to the exact same depth - a must for today's computer controlled engines.

Automatic Spindle Lock Nut - Patented Spindle Locking Nut system offers automatic tightening of tools in spindle. Won’t come loose when cutting. One hand operation pushes tool up and spindle lock nut tightens automatically, ejects tool when loosened.

Large Diameter Spindle - 3.150 inch (80mm) diameter heavy duty spindle assures rigidity for chatter free operation. Outer spindle support bearings are adjustable over the whole length of the bearing area, similar to High

Precision Boring Bar design giving decades of use.

Foot Pedal to Control Air Float for In/Out Adjustment of 360 Degree Fixture.

Foot Pedal to Control Air Float and Clamping of Workhead.

Rottler’s new patent pending UNIPILOT TOOLING system allows the carbide centralizing UNIPILOT to work like a live pilot – stays in the spindle while moving from valve guide to guide – but at the same time has a fixed pilot design to give improved CONCEN.

Fixed (dead) pilots have proven over the years to give more accurate CONCEN compared to live pilots mainly because live pilots have clearance between the pilot and the guide.
The SG9A utilizes precision ball screw drive spindle with a Windows XP Programmable touch screen control.Set and store cylinder head type Cutter RPM feed rate , start cut and stop height. Form perfect valve seats to exact height utilizing a constant CNC controlled cutter pressure feed with awash out cycle at the end of cut.