Phone: 1- 413-566-0037
Phone: 1- 413-566-0037
1. Touch Screen Control
2. Windows XP format
3.Rottler Common Shop Function menus
4. Direct Motion Peck drill,mill,etch etc.
5. G Code Programing
6. Rigid Spindle
7. 4 th axis
8.Tool Changer
9. Probe System
10.Line Bore Pivot table
11.Cam Boring Package
12. Dual Axis head and manifold fixture.
Exclusive Features
F68A    CNC Engine Machining Center

The F68A is a truly amazing machining center. Blueprint bore, Line bore, Deck blocks, Surface heads, true lifter bores, automatic milling to size, all in fully automatic operational modes. The real advancement is in the Rottler windows XP program control. All the listed functions are formatted in operations tabs on the touch screen that any shop hand can understand.

You will have the power to write your own programs without any CNC G code experience. The control system is a Rottler Proprietary system available from Rottler exclusively. G Code CNC machines are available anywhere. Companies that package these machines are non essential. Rottler programming allows the operator to program machining functions with great ease. This greatly increases the value of Rottler CNC machines to the end user.

Our sales force can demonstrate the programming in your shop. G code files can be imported and Run in the controller for the more advanced operators/Programmers. Rottler Cam is also an operating system that has advanced beyond the G Code system. You have  choices with the Rottler control.

Why limit yourself to 1 operating system when Rottler offers you 2

1. Windows XP with easy read screens that don't require G code for fundamental machining                        operations.
2. Rottler Cam a Direct Motion Conversational Intuitive advanced program system.

     CNC and G Code Experience Not Required.
The Rottler touch screen CNC control is a revolutionary system allowing a non CNC trained individual to program head and block machining sequences for any head or block that meets the machining capacity requirements. Fully programmable cycles with simple menus that transfer input to the 3 axis CNC control

PC based with Windows XP operating system.

Dimensions input thru touch screen:

Bore centers, exact depth, speed, feed, etc.
Bores complete bank in Automatic Cycle. (Precision blueprint fixture)
Bores both banks in automatic cycle (4 Th axis rotary fixture)
Lower Bore Relief, off center boring for Honing Clearance.
Surfacing - Multiple Pass programmable for roughing and finishing - can remove any amount of material in one automatic cycle.
Lifter bore machining - bore housings and ream bushes to exact final size.
Automatic line bore cycle completes all main bearing housings to within .0002".
Machine a radius for stroker crank connecting rod and bolt clearance.
Rottler CAM CNC program allows G code programming and file transfer with CAD/CAM programs.
Windows XP Touch Screen Control.

The Rottler F68A is a true simultaneous 3 axis Windows XP based rigid spindle CNC Bed Mill. The available 360 degree 4th -axis block system allows automatic block positioning for many machining operations. An optional digital probing system is an automated coordinate measuring device. An optional tool changer allows the machine to perform many machining functions unattended.

The true CNC Windows XP based control offers 3 programming options based on a normal shop hand with no programming experience, intermediate user and expert user. 

Program definition 101

The process of writing programs is not the process of calling programs up for operation. Be careful on this one. Other suppliers provide some programs and only instruct in  how to call up pre written programs.
Programs not supplied cost money and any changes to a program must be written in G Code. Changes in programs should be easy and fast to perform. You will find this out when a block doesn't clean up at .030 over utilizing a canned blue print program. Being able to write programs in house eliminates the cost of outside sourcing and paying for programs. Limiting program capabilities to G code  forces shops to learn G code programming. Paying others to program for you is the other option. G code allows you to call up written programs with menus but doesn't enable you to easily change a program with menus. Changes must be re written in a G code format. Block blueprinting and machining programs must first be written in G code. Beware of the words menus and conversational find out what they really mean.

Rottler created an exclusive programing system for non G code based programmers referred to as Rottler Menus.

Rottler Menus are an easy read format that are Windows XP based Menus utilized for writing: lifter bore, line bore, automatic surfacing, boring ,line boring, clearance, and drilling programs commonly used in block and head specific routines and sub routines. Simply put you won't find a faster easier way to write common engine blueprinting and head and block machining programs. The programs are written in easy to read and understand Windows XP tabs then converted for you. Any of these programs can be used as a template to indicate, probe, or machine the block. Changes can be made instantly to existing programs in seconds on  the easy read screen. The machine will run an automatic cycle utilizing the new locations. Once the job is complete you will be prompted to save  the changes Yes or No. Answering No saves the original blue print program per the factory print. This enables you to use a blueprinting program as a template making bore shifting an easy task. This system is extremely useful with used blocks that won't blueprint out because of core shift and wear. Shops can be trained to write these programs in house in under 1 hours time.

1. Rottler Program: No experience required. The program is a simple block and head machining menu driven format utilizing tabs with simple easy to follow instructions. This allows a basic shop hand to write programs for any block or head that works in the capacity range. No need to pay for programs. Programs are written in a couple of minutes. This is a Rottler Exclusive program format available only from Rottler MFG. Rottler  invested enormous time and financial resources in this program format for the benefit of new CNC machinery users.

2.  Direct Motion: Intermediate experience required. General machining conversational pre formatted machining routines and subroutines in 2d and 3d. Peck Drill, Mill, Etch etc.

3. G Code format: Standard CNC G Code format requires extensive mathematical knowledge and years of education or training to write programs in this format.

G Code program requires a highly skilled programmer. Rottler offers 3 operating systems all of which are prompted in a Windows XP based format.

Calling a control conversational is pleasing to the ear and sounds really easy.  Take a harder look at how a blueprint program is written in G Code and analyze the skill level required in writing G Code. Calling up a program to run may be conversational but writing a program in G Code is a serious task. This is why industrial machine shops have both programmers and machine operators. Shops that consider exclusive G Code format need to investigate this programming extensively. Don’t fall for words like conversational and statements like easy to use without some serious investigation. G code machines will require an extensive time and resource investment or an on going outside sourcing for present and feature program requirements.

Ask some important questions.

1. Can you supply a detailed list of the programs that are included with the machine purchase?
2. How much does it cost for the programs not included?
3. How long does it take to get new programs?
4. Can you explain what G code programming is?
5. Can you train us in G code program writing?

Contact your Rottler Representative for detailed information on the Rottler control. Let a Rottler Representative demonstrate the features of this fantastic easy to program controller. The Rottler Windows XP based menu screen allows a non G code based operator to program for automated boring, surfacing, lifter boring, Stroker clearance and line boring operations in minutes. Remember there is a vast difference between writing a G Code program and running a G code program. G Code program writing takes years of training and a comprehensive mathematical and program writing background. Our Reps are armed with a lap top demonstration version of  the Rottler non G code menus based format.This fabulous easy to use programming format can be learned in under an hour.. Find out from a Rottler Representative what the chatter is "really all about". Remember if you are an advanced user the F68A control allows for G Code operations and the Direct Motion general machining program format makes caned routines simple to work with.

The Proof is in the process not in the sales pitch. Rottler Representatives have an interactive demo system. We can put up the proof. Contact us for a free demo.

Ask for an in shop programming demonstration for blueprinting a Chevrolet block or get a G Code commands sheet for the actual programming operation then have it explained to you. Remember there is a large difference between running a written program and writing a program. An operator can be trained to write programs in minutes with the Rottler control. Remember we said write a program not run a program. G Code programming takes years of schooling and or lengthy on the job training.  Our customers learn how to write programs in under an hour. Some would like you to believe that Rottler programming is a limited proprietary program. Don’t be fooled this is a powerful machining tool that will allow you to write programming instantly. Remember they don’t have this format.
Rottler manufactures all the fixtures to meet your production needs
1.  Precision Blue Print Fixture. This system is very fast, accurate and affordable. It requires no indicating while working from datum's similar but better than BHJ.

2. 360 degree 4th axis rotary block fixture.  This system allows for automatic block angle positioning for many machining operations.

3. Dual axis leveling table. This fixture is very fast and rigid for cylinder head surfacing, head   O ringing and manifold surfacing.  It is compatible with the Precision blueprint fixture and 360 degree rotary. Neither head stock needs to be removed for a quick transition from block to head work.

4. Line bore pivot table. This universal fixture makes set up very fast and easy for line boring operations. It is compatible with the Precision Blueprinting Fixture and the 360 Rotary Block set up fixture. Neither head stock needs to be removed for a quick transition to line boring work.
1. Precision Blueprint Fixture
2. 360 Rotate 4th-Axis Block Fixtue
3. Dual Axis Leveling Table
4. Line Bore Pivot Table
Simple Programming - Proper Fixtures

Rottler's true CNC Windows XP based program system and fixtures function with easy to understand logical machining sequences relative to the actual work. You won't purchase a program format or fixture system for high performance blue printing and machining that incorporates the functionality, features and ease of operation built into the Rottler system. Speed Accuracy and Reliability are built into the Rottler F68A CNC machining center. Rottler designed these concepts from the ground up. Others merely package existing CNC machines that quite frankly can be purchased directly from a CNC machinery supplier for less money.

Rottler CNC machines hit the floor running. You will get top notch in shop training including program writing and machining.  The Rottler product is designed for the Precision Automotive Machine Shop. Rottler products are based on over 83 years of machine tool manufacturing not machinery distributors but real machine tool design and manufacturing. Rottler has in house Computer Electric Engineering and state of the art machine tool machining capabilities. These are industry leading capabilities matched by no other Automotive Aftermarket Machinery supplier.  Rottler Manufacturing enjoys in house Design, Manufacturing and Assembly. We are not a Marketing partner or a multi layered distributor for other equipment distributors. Many of the competitive machines are manufactured by a first company, packaged by a second company and sold by a third company. 95 % of their product can be purchased off the shelf from any CNC machine Manufacturer and Industrial Tool Supply house. Rottler designs and manufactures controls, drive systems, tooling and fixtures to the benefit of our customers. Many of these outstanding fixtures and tooling packages are paten protected.

                           The F68A Loaded With Features
          Simplicity - Speed - Accuracy - Support - Profits

1.True CNC Machine -The F68A utilizes a Windows XP touch screen control that offers three program formats. Rottler Menus - Direct Motion - Standard Industrial G Code. The competition only uses G Code limiting the versatility by drastically increasing the skill level required for programming.

2.360 Degree 4th-Axis rotary Block fixture-enables automatic block angle positioning for block machining routines including cylinder boring, lifter boring, splayed conversions,stroker clearance, block lightening and many other sub routines.

3.Heavy duty rigid spindle.

4.CAT 40 Taper tooling- This is a readily available industry standard making it very easy to tool up for any special jobs.

5.Powerful Motor

6.Automatic tool Changer

7.Infinitely Variable High Speed spindle.

8.Rapid Traverse moves from position to position at an optimum speed to facility maximum production rates.
9.Standard Rottler dimension verification program. Allows machine to quickly move to bore locations to verify blueprint dimensions and accept the data or relocate the position for automatic processing. Saves time from tedious manual measuring process, doesn't require writing a new G code program like competitors must and is included with the machine as standard equipment.
10.Digital probe Option -The digital probe Option is an automated coordinate measuring system. The probe measures bore locations and deck heights and stores them in the control for operator review and verification. The Rottler program is unique and allows the operator to relocate the bore locations in seconds unlike G Code machines that require a time consuming difficult rewriting change in the G Code program. With Rottler the operator can review to accept, blueprint or relocate and accept for automatic processing.

11. Powerful AC brushes Servo Motors provide extremely precise on demand torque and spindle
       travel performance on all axis movements.

12. Pneumatic Pull-Stud tool change system for fast easy tool installation and removal.

13.Hardened Turcite Coated box ways enables easy movement and extended longer life.

14. Universal five slots T slotted table enabling mounting of any style fixture.

15. Rigid tapping Capability

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Rottler F68A Multi-Purpose CNC Replaced with F69A
Automatic Probing
CNC Spindle
CAT 40
        AMS Customers in action on the F60 series machines.
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