Phone: 1- 413-566-0037
Phone: 1- 413-566-0037
1. Touch Screen DRO Control
2. Windows XP format
3.Electronic Pulse Handle 4 Axis movement
4. Rigid Spindle
5. 4 th Axis Powered or Manual
6. Available Probe System
7.Line Bore Pivot table
8.Cam Boring Package
9. Dual Axis head and manifold fixture.
10. Upgradable to full CNC
Exclusive Features
F69M   Crossbreed  Engine Machining Center

The F69M is a truly amazing machining center. Blueprint bore, Line bore, Deck blocks, Surface heads, true lifter bores, CBN and PCD milling to size, cam roller bearing boring. The real advancement is in the Rottler touch screen DRO control combined with 4 axis electronic pulse hand wheel control. Block blueprint locations can be written and stored.This process eliminates time consuming manual hand wheel movement and centering found on competitors manual machines. Fast movement in the X 100 mode is very fast while fine adjustment can be executed in .0001 increments.

                             Upgrade to Full CNC any time.
   Don't  limit yourself to a manual  machine that relies on gear box engagement and
   manual fine adjustment. Rottler offers you  touch screen DRO control with 4 axis
   powered movement and is upgrade to CNC at any time for the difference in the
   original price of crossbreed verses CNC.
Rottler manufactures  fixtures to meet your production needs cylinder head, block blueprinting and line boring. Built for maximum efficiency and very fast swap over time.
1.  Option 1 Precision Blue Print Fixture. This system is very fast, accurate and affordable. It requires no indicating while working from datum's similar but better than BHJ.

2.Option 2 360 degree 4th axis rotary block fixture.  This system allows for powered 4 th axis block 360 angle positioning for many machining operations. Movement in X100 and .0001 increments.

3. Dual axis leveling table. This fixture is very fast and rigid for cylinder head surfacing, head   O ringing and manifold surfacing.  It is compatible with the Precision blueprint fixture and 360 degree rotary. Neither head stock needs to be removed for a quick transition from block to head work.

4. Line bore pivot table. This universal fixture makes set up very fast and easy for line boring operations. It is compatible with the Precision Blueprinting Fixture and the 360 Rotary Block set up fixture. Neither head stock needs to be removed for a quick transition to line boring work.

1. Precision Blueprint Fixture
2. 360 Rotate 4th-Axis Block Fixtue
3. Dual Axis Leveling Table
4. Line Bore Pivot Table
Simple Programming - Proper Fixtures

Rottler's Windows XP Touch Screen DRO  system with electronic pulse hand wheel ball screw  movement utilizes proper fixtures enabling fast easy to understand logical machining sequences. High performance blue printing and machining that incorporates the functionality, features and ease of operation built into the Rottler system. Speed Accuracy and Reliability are built into the Rottler F69M machining center. Rottler designed these concepts from the ground up.

Rottler Engine Block Blueprinting machines hit the floor running. You will get top notch in shop training. The Rottler block blueprinting system is designed for the Precision Automotive Machine Shop. Rottler products are based on over 83 years of machine tool manufacturing not machinery distributors but real machine tool design and manufacturing. Rottler has in house Computer Electric Engineering and state of the art machine tool machining capabilities. These are industry leading capabilities matched by no other Automotive Aftermarket Machinery supplier.  Rottler Manufacturing enjoys in house Design, Manufacturing and Assembly.  Rottler designs and manufactures controls, drive systems, tooling and fixtures to the benefit of our customers. Many of these outstanding fixtures and tooling packages are paten protected.

                The F69M Loaded With Features
Simplicity - Speed - Accuracy - Support - Profits

1.Upgradable to CNC Machine -The F69M utilizes a Windows XP touch screen DRO contrwith direct drive ball screw feed controled by electroninc pulse hand wheel. Eliminates slow combersome manual hand wheel movement for centering process.

2.360 Degree 4th-Axis rotary Block fixture-enable powered  block angle positioning for block machining routines including cylinder boring, lifter boring, splayed conversions,stroker clearance, block lightening and many other sub routines. Pilse hand wheel operates in X 100 and .0001 increments.

3.Heavy duty rigid spindle.

4.CAT 40 Taper tooling- This is a readily available industry standard making it very easy to tool up for any special jobs.

5.Powerful Motor

6.Automatic tool Changer

7.Infinitely Variable High Speed spindle.

8.Rapid Traverse moves from position to position at an optimum speed to facility maximum production rates.
9.Standard Rottler dimension verification program. Allows machine to quickly move to bore locations to verify blueprint dimensions and accept the data or relocate the position for automatic processing. Saves time from tedious manual measuring process, doesn't require writing a new G code program like competitors must and is included with the machine as standard equipment.
10.Digital probe Option -The digital probe Option is a coordinate measuring system. The probe measures bore locations and deck heights and stores them in the control for operator review and verification. g.

11. Powerful AC brushes Servo Motors provide extremely precise on demand torque and spindle
       travel performance on all axis movements.

12. Pneumatic Pull-Stud tool change system for fast easy tool installation and removal.

13.Hardened Turcite Coated box ways enables easy movement and extended longer life.

14. Universal five slots T slotted table enabling mounting of any style fixture.

15. Rigid tapping Capability

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Rottler F69M Crossbreed Block Blueprinting
Automatic Probing
CAT 40
Rottler F69M Series machines can be equipped with a Manual 4 th axis fixture or the Powered Rotate  4 th Axis fixture. The manual fixture works very well while being less expensive than the Auto Rotate fixture saving start up costs. Purchasing the F69A with the manual performance fixture enables the buyer to purchase a full CNC very competitively priced compared to manual machines offered by other Companies.
Rottler F69M Shown with Manual rotate Performance fixture,fast accurate and enables full CNC up grade.
Rottler F69M Shown with Auto Rotate 4th axis. Ball Screw driven pulse hand wheel controlled movement in X100 or .0001 increments.
F69M Machines are offered in 2 price ranges and fixture options you can choose                             depending on production requirements and budget considerations.
  Engine Block Cylinder and Deck Blupriniting Fixture explanations 1 to 4 above
F69M with Performance Fixture extremely competitive price.
The F69M Performance Race Engine block blueprinting machine lives between 2 worlds. The Touch screen DRO control and electronic pulse hand wheel ball screw drive system elevate the machining process far beyond any system utilizing manual engage disengage and adjustment hand wheels. Push button fast jog on all 4 axis. Electronic Pulse hand wheel feed course and very fine .0001 increments.The Rottler system advances the accuracy and productivity and can be upgraded to full CNC anytime for merely the price difference of the initial purchase price. This is where the Crossbreed separates from any manual machine offered.
Performance and Race Engine Block Blueprinting
   Performance Engine Cylinder Block
            Blueprinting Blue Printing
Performance Engine Cylinder Block Blueprinting Blue Printing Fixtures