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S.PA.R prepares Race Engines for Seekonk Speedway, and can assist in Muscle Car Restoration projects along with fast moving Street Performance Engines. SPAR is well versed in the Import High Performance markets. Block blueprinting, lifter bore correction , line boring and Darton sleeve installations for LS1- Honda and Nissan blocks are some of the services they offer. The Rottler F65M Machining center along with the Rottler SGF-8 are a couple of key pieces capable of holding extremely tight tolerances in the High Performance Engine Machining & Building Industries.
Rottler F65M Machining Center
Ken truing up a block end.
Ken indicating in the Line bore cutter head.
Truing the block end to the Main Line
Sony DRO read out in .0001 increments.
Line bore pivot table on the F65M..
Exact alignment of the Main Line.
Lifter Bore Correction.
Boring a 4 cylinder block
Decking a 4 cylinder block.
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