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Model 110 -T
Model 112
Model 113

Parts Washers
32 H x 26 Diameter
32 H x 26 W Soak
Model 113 -T
Model 612
Model 612-E
40 H X 26 Diameter
42 H X 36 Diameter
54 H X 36 Diameter
Model 812
Model 812-E
72 H X 40 Diameter
60 H X 40 Diameter
Phone: 1- 413- 566-0037
Phone: 1- 413- 566-0037
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What works for you is true.
When you need to do your best, only the best will do. Since 1983, AMS has supplied standard and custom parts washers for companies who are the best at what they do. Our equipment lives up to expectations in the most demanding environments imaginable. We have worked in your industry and we understand your needs We have a smart, highly-trained workforce that takes the word "Precision" seriously We move fast on both standard and custom orders, and we back them all with a solid guarantee
Heavy Duty Automotive and Industrial Parts Washers