Phone: 1- 413- 566-7020
Phone: 1- 413- 566- 7020
Precision Block Blue Printing
ABES Sleeve Installation
Import Block Sleeving
Main Cap Dowel Tapping

Converting Ford FE Blocks
    to Cross Bolted Mains
Oil Pan Rail Surfacing
Lifter Bore Angle and Position                                   Correction
Lifter Bore Enlarging
Cross Drilling Crankshaft
Block End Truing
            Take a look the F65 in action. Click on the Info buttons
Sold to Performance Blocks Inc. More on the way.
Sold to Performance Blocks Inc. Randy and Bob Brothers with a real enthusiasm for drag racing and engine rebuilding. Both brothers fielded a very successful drag race car. Bob has been a successful General Automotive Repair Business Owner. Randy spends a couple of weeks month in Alaska as a field Engineer for BP. The mutual bond forged on the drag racing strip  racing and building race motors "that flat out win races " has drove both Brothers into the machine shop business. Randy contacted John Zanetti at AMS Equipment Sales for assistance. AMS put together and excellent package. The start up package included, equipment selection, on site training and even web site design and optimization.

The primary component of the shop is the F65. This machine is set up for Cylinder head surfacing, lifter bore correction, align boring, cam tunnel boring, block boring, sleeving, O ring, and decking. It is a virtual CNC Block Blueprinting machining center. The perfect companion machine is the Rotter HP6A Diamond Cylinder Hone. This machine will hone cylinders in an automatic Computer controlled cycle freeing up the operator to run another machine. Next up the valve department. The Rotter SG7 and VR7 A matched pair of machines producing valve seat and valve concentricity .0002. The cleaning department utilize the  AMS top loader Spray Washer and our 4024 Glass Bead Cabinet.

Turn Key Performance Shop Package Included : Equipment, Onsite Train
Rounding out the shop with brand new high accuracy Rottler Honing and Valve deprtment machines.
AMS Parts Washers and Glass Bead Cabinet
Bob with the Rottler F65 CNC Block Blueprinting Machine