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Phone: 1- 413- 566-0037
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Model 113 Parts Washer
The extended front makes for easy cleanouts and it doubles as a parts soaking area.
Working dimensions 32 H x 26 Dia.
1/4 Inch Plate Steel Door Hinge. Handles the Heavy
loads with ease. External turntable drive mechanism.
Door Mounted Turntable eliminates high maintenance found in roll out style turntable
1994 Model 113- 18 Years in service runs all the time.
Plate steel door hinges
Side shot of the Models                 113T & Models 113
Bob Mason's PMW cleaning department includes a PMW Model 113-T and a Model 113. The 113 was installed in 1994 21 years old and running strong and a new larger capacity 113 T was installed in 2007.
53 Hartford Avenue • North Scituate, RI 0285
Our Parts Washers are built for continuous production.
AMS Parts Washers run hard and last for many years of low maintenance production.
Heavy Construction 1/4  Plate Steel and 12 Gauge
Sheet Metal . Weighs    1250 lbs
Soak Tank Compartment
with sloped Bottom For easy Clean Out
Includes: 220 V , Single Phase Power
             or 220 V, 3 Phase.
            Insulation Package.
            Head Rack or Parts Basket.
            Turntable Jog Button.
            Soak tank.
Add These Popular Options
       7 Day Timer.
       Lower Spray Bar.
Add The Environmental Package
Oil Skimmer With 7day timer.
Evaporator Cycle With Low Water Shut Off.
Turntable Jog Button
for load  position
Oil Slimmer for waste oil removal in reservoir.
Door Locks in positions for loading, rinsing and clean out.
Turntable drive motor externally mounted.
Chain drive turntable with external motor.
Sloped bottom and full
access for clean out.
                Push button to activate "Evapaortation Cycle".
Evaproate water level to 2 inch mark then clean out sloaped bottom.
Evaporation Cycle reduces resevoir content by 95 %
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Mason's Automotive purchased his first Parts Washer from AMS 21 Years ago "still in service"..Bob bought a second taller machine 5 years ago. Both machine run all day long, Bob has a 3 bay service center,Transmission Rebuilding and High Performance Engine Machine Shop.
Made for Automotive and Industrial applications this is a real work horse. The 113 comes with the 26" diameter turntable and 32" of working height. The high output 3 hp. pump gives you the power to do the job quick. Higher Horse power options ( Not Required) are available same features and working sizes as the Model 112 but is fully insulated and has a larger fluid capacity. Choose this unit if the shops’ cleaning needs require constant use.  Power Spray Washer for the quality minded shop owner that wants to invest in a high quality Industrial machine that will give long reliable service life. The 113 rugged, heavy duty welded construction assures years of trouble free service and includes key features resulting in performance benefits. The model 113 utilizes a hot water soluble cleaning agent.

Model 113 Parts Washer features:

Labyrinth Door Design - eliminates the need for troublesome replacement seals.

32" Work Height - will accept any automotive block, cylinder head or transmission body
        in today's market.

Door Mounted Turntable - Swings out to provide easy access for loading or unloading.

•       Large steel jets- to assure quick, thorough cleaning.

500 lb. Capacity - withstands multi-loading heads, blocks, transmissions or parts.

Spring loaded drive- motor for constant tension.

Fully insulated- cleaning chamber for efficient operation. 

Tight mesh filter screen prevents nozzle clogging

Size - 65"H x 52"W x 46"D

Weight 1250 lbs.