Marine Engine
Milling a piston
Lifter Bushing Installation
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Rottler F67M Multi Purpose
Note: F67M Replaced with F69M
ABES Sleeve Installation
        AMS Customers in action on the F60 series machines click on links below.
Performance Shops Links Rottler F-60 Series
We invite you to visit the Web Sites featured at the links listed in    blue. Click on the links and View the many functions performed with the F60 Series machines. Remember our programming is exclusive in the industry utilizing a Windows XP Format. Truly the most powerful program format for the Non CNC G Code Program Operator. Others claim conversational simplicity. Simply put, " nothing compares" to our Program format. Call if you would like to discuss our exclusive program format.The links above will also open up screen shots and an interactive display of Rottler Programming.
Functions with proper tooling.
1.Cylinder Boring
2.Line Boring
3.Lifter Bore
4.Crankshaft Balancing
5.Cylinder Head Surfacing
6.,Block decking
7.Stoke Clearance
8.Mill Pistons
9.Cross Drill Crankshafts
The F67M is the answer to modern machining methods. The XYZ digital readout allows you to blue print performance blocks, perform sleeving operations where center distances are critical, line bore, lifter bore, head and block surfacing, balancing, stroke  clearance and many other performance related operations. This machine will enable you're shop to be Multi tasking @ a shop hourly rate between $250 and $350 per hour. This is a true shop profit center.Up date your Boring and Surfacing and expand into line boring , balancing , performance machining , and specialty work whenever you decide either right away or add on to the machine as the shop increases labor sales.

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Boring V8 Block
Head Surfacing
Block Decking
Honda Performance Sleeving
Tim & ken Balancing
AMS Balancing Package
Line Boring
Control Panel D.R.O
Stroker Clearance
Deck block.
Sleeving a Honda Block with Darton Sleeves
$1,199.00 with sleeves.
Boring out the block for sleeve.
Getting closer to sleeve diameter.
Sleeve steps bored to size.
Sleeves are installed bore to piston size.
Lifter bore tooling.
End Mill Bore
Ream to bushing O.D.
Finish ream bushing I.D.
Bushings installed.
Checking lifter clearance.
$500.00 plus the sleeves.
Line Boring Operation
$250.00 Labor charge
Block Squaring Operation
$275 Labor charge:

Square Block true to main and cam centerline at a true 90 degree angle to a pre determined deck height.
Precision cam & main bar
  with precision bushings.
Main line bushings.
Main bar and bushings installed.
Main & cam line set up.
Datum Plate 90 left-0-90 right
Tail stock steady rest.
Extremely ridged set up.
Mill left bank.
Mill right bank.
Mill intake surface.
Bore to Blueprint
$275 Labor Charge
Centering the bore to the center of mains.
Dowel referance for blueprinting the bore centers.Trust face can be utilized as well.
Boring cylinder.
In this process the block is mounted on the main line and cam line precision bars and bushings. The bars are mounted to the registered locations on the datum plate at a true 90 degrees for the left and right bank in sequence. The zero position for the intake surface is registered as well.

The machinist can reference the main line centerline from the datum plate and has the choice of utilizing the dowel location , thrust surface, or the first cylinder to locate the cylinder center to center distances. These critical dimensions can then be referenced to the factory blueprint for very precise blueprint machining and corrections. A process only made possible through the use of the Rottler precision datum fixture, high precision ball screws, a very accurate D.R.O. and the factory blueprints.
Precision Block Blue Printing
Import Block Sleeving
Main Cap Dowel Tapping

Converting Ford FE Blocks
    to Cross Bolted Mains
Oil Pan Rail Surfacing
Lifter Bore Angle and Position                                   Correction
Lifter Bore Enlarging
Cross Drilling Crankshaft
Block End Truing
Import Block Sleeving