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Phone: 1- 413-566-0037
Phone: 1- 413-566-0037
Phone 413-525-8292
Heavy Duty High Speed Cylinder Boring Machine

The A model handles everything as the M models
but adds some great automation. The A model will center automatically and bore to exact programmable depths to within .0002. This is outstanding for shops that O ring and counter bore. The program will store 100 jobs including ; feed rate , spindle RPM, depth of cut, block clearance height, centering depth. The vertical zero feature in unison the LED Readout in .0001 increments.The pulse hand wheel allows you to feed .0001 per click or .001 per click. The LED reads the actual vertical position in .0001.

This heavy-duty machine was designed for standard and large capacity machine work. The spindle diameter has been increased to 3.25" (8.2mm) for extra heavy duty machining up to 9" (230mm) bore size. Large sleeve cuts can be taken at high spindle rpm's, and in many blocks, one pass sleeve cuts are possible to increase productivity. Floor -to-floor
bore a V8 block in 15 minutes. Bore through a 6 inch bore 4 inch in diameter in 35 seconds, .250 sleeve cuts are not a problem. Tooling is available from 1.500 to 9 inches in diameter. Straight through and blind hole boring tools are available. Simple controls and independent drives for the feed and spindle rotation. Precision ball screws on the feed
give the ultimate feed control.

A Model Control set depths
LED Read in .0001 increments
Rich at Accurate Machine
Pulse Feed Control
High Speed Surface Finish
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Bore 1.500 to 9.00 Diameters
Rottler F8A Cylinder Boring Machine