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Variable RPM spindle.
Accurately choose specific spindle speeds required for certain machining operations, spindle reverses rotation for thread tapping.
Tilting Spindle.
Spindle tilts up to 15 degrees from vertical in both directions , providing quick alignment on all canted valve cylinder heads. Cuts each seat to the exact same depth - a must for today's computer controlled engines.
2 Speed Spindle Feed.
Large 4 Finger hand wheel provides rapid feed and small handwheel allows precise fine feed control of the spindle. Very helpful when depth of cut must be maintained to extreme levels of accuracy.
Depth Indicator
Shows the operator exactly how much has been removed from the seat assuring consistent seat depth. Also useful for installing seat rings, reducing valve guides, facing spring seats, etc.
360° Universal Roll Over Fixture
Provides quick loading and easy access to all sides of the head. Quickly levels head using the micro adjust feature. Fixture bolts down firmly with quick release handles. Clamps onto table firmly for chatter free cutting with extremely accurate concentricity.
Tool Storage Tray
Convenient tool storage tray swivels and adjusts into and away from the machine within easy reach for operator comfort and productivity.
Extra Spindle to Table Height
Increased Spindle to Table Height accommodates a large variety of heads and accommodates extra long reamers and drill tooling.
Rigid Machine Construction
Heavy Thick Wall Cast Iron Machine Castings and Precision Machining during the Manufacturing Process give excellent Chatter Free Valve Seat Cutting. Heavy duty cabinet/base extended to the rear for safe handling when machine has to be moved. Recessed toe kick allows more comfortable machine operation.

The SG7 is a compact machine competitively priced with big expensive machine features and accuracy.The machine will handle Jaguar 6 cylinder heads and all automotive and light truck heads along with motorcycle, and recreation vehicle heads. Great chatter free finishes and perfect concentricity are guaranteed with the SGF7.
Concentricity in the tenths
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Rottler SG7 Seat and Guide Machine