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           Concentricity  and Perfect Finishes
Simply the best fixed carbide pilot machine available. Nearly 2,500 pounds of casting along with Rottlers heavy duty 3.150 spindle insures the best surface finishes and concentricity with ease of operation.Even an inexperienced shop hand can be trained to perform perfect valve seat cutting in no time flat.Rottler's Rigid Precision Carbide Centering Pilots are manufactured to less than one tenth tolerance and combined with the Light Weight Air Float Work head gives perfect centering in the Valve Guide and the Best Concentricity of the Valve Seat to Guide.Multi Angle Seat Cutting,Harley Davidson, Formula One , Winston Cup, Japanese Motorcycle Cat 3412 and 3406E , Model A ford and many Vintage applications are simply no match for the SGF series machines.

Standard Features Include:

Air Float Work head with Foot Pedal Control for Hands Free Air
Clamping .

Universal Heavy Duty Bolt Down 360-degree Roll Over Cylinder
Head Fixture.

Hardened and Ground Spindle with 8" (200mm) of hand wheel travel.

Quick Change Tool Retention System for large variety of optional tooling.

Rapid and Fine Feed Mechanism for Precise Spindle Feed

Work head tilts 15-degrees in both directions for cutting canted
head seats without tilting.

Spindle Rotation Speed Infinitely Variable from 0-350RPM with
Digital Display.

Maximum Cylinder Head Length in 360-degree Cradle - 50" (1270mm)

Tool Storage Tray mounts on the machine and swivels 360-degrees.

Digital Electronic Level for Quick, precise alignment of Fixed
Pilots .

1. Rottlers' exclusive               tooling drive system
2. Rigid Clamp System
  locks the fixture to Bed
        3.  1 + 2 = 3
Wide & Deep "Chatter Free Cuts"
S+K Speed Time To
S+K Speed Goodbye Stones and New Way
Westfield Auto Parts Bring EM on Multi valve  3&4 mm ( no problem)
Speed-O-Motive Machine
Honda Head Program
Concentricity in the tenths
      " Gauranteed "
Click to
Fixture Clamps to table.
3406E Cat Heads and 60 Series Detroit
Mike holds tenths on his
Racing heads.
The SGF8 will process Winston Cup, Motorcycle, Automotive , Diesel and Marine                                                 " Both small or large".
Gill setting up a Volvo Diesel
Rottler SG8 Seat and Guide Machine
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