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Used Cylinder Boring Here  
Used  Cylinder Honing           
Used Valve Equipment           
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Equipment is continuously added  to our Used Engine Rebuilding Equipment list. Negotiations for listing contracts, shop liquidation, and trade in machines are always on the horizon. If you don't see it ask we probably have what your looking for. Our used equipment is supplied from 1-3 man shops not production rebuilding shops. We will not sell production shop equipment. Condition age and details are stated accurately and priced accordingly. You always get the value that you expect and pay for.
  Used Engine Rebuilding Equipment
Monte & Mike in front of ground zero. Two "southern gentlemen" meet up with the  Big Apple a great trip and going home with some great machines. NY hasn't seen the same since Crocodile Dundee left town. Pictured in NY City in front of ground Zero "The wold Trade Center Site"
A flat bed load to Monte in Eldorado Arkansas.
AMS  is shipping equipment around the World  to many repeat customers.
Paul & Tore meet with AMS Equipment Sales @ Shafiroff Racing Engines to purchase Scott's F65A. Scott is installing the F68A Fourth axis machine creating an opportunity for these fine gentleman from Norway. Autotrim will be the first shop in Norway to offer blue print services on the Rottler F65A. Our thanks go out to Scott Shafiroff and the staff at Shafiroff Racing for all the help with demonstrations and the time spent with AMS Equipment Sales on behalf of Paul and Tore of Autotrim Trondheim, Norway + 47 474 82 039
Trailer Load To Florida.
Serdi 60  off to Virginia
BT-6 Fort Collins Co
Serdi 2.0 To IL
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Here are a few of our past prime used equipment sales
Used Surfacers Head & Block   
Used Flywheel Grinders          
Used Seat and Guide Machine 
Used Flow Bench - Dyno        
Used Engine Rebuilding Equipment Listings
                      This is our featured machine section. Click on pictures for more information.
Scott Shafiroff , Pal, and Tore at Shafiroff Racing Facility
Scott Shafiroff , Pal,Tore and Vinneyat Shafiroff Racing Facility
Pal and Tore purchased the Shafiroff Machine through AMS Equipment Sales while becoming the first shop in Norway to utilize the Rottler F65A
Sold to Performance Blocks Inc: Missouri . AMS Sold a complete performance shop package to Randy and Bob turn key with equipment and on site tanning. Information Here

New and Used Engine Rebuilding Equipment Specialists
Used CG250 Winona Van Noraman Crankshaft Grinder Loaded Grinds Great
Used CG280 Winona Van Noraman Crankshaft Grinder Loaded Grinds Great